A story about Christmas Trees

A video by Revd Dr Urzula Glienecke

“Christmas trees,

marking the festivities in living rooms, places of work and of worship, city centres and community spaces.

Symbol of gifts, good wishes, and gatherings of generations, and times when through words, songs, and sacred moments,

an ancient story is again retold,

of a long hoped-for child, born a refugee, in a land ruled by an invading people.

A mystery tale, a myth even, yet holding for millennia,

the deep truth of how love overcomes hate, every time.

Even when the journey is long and hard.

In a complicated, uncertain world, where peace often seems beyond humanity, it brings a fragile, yet still undefeated hope.”

     (Ewan and Hilary Aitken (Cyrenians)


Here's a little story about Christmas trees: